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New Hire Enrollments - Terminations

I was approached by one of your competitors and their program has a feature that my CSRs really like and are pressuring me to consider changing to the other service.

This other system automatically sends in the enrollment forms of new hires to each carrier and automatically includes the assigned CSR and client in the email to the carrier.

The same is true when a client terminate an employee. The system emails each carrier the employee has coverage with and CC's the CSR and client.

My agency is growing and the CSRs are to valuable to be doing things that can be automated.

PS - they also complain that there is not a way to pull up past versions of enrollment forms.

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We appreciate your input and thanks for sharing. 

We will soon be rolling out automated EDI/Electronic Data Interchange file feeds to carriers. When EDI files are activated, enrollment changes will send to carriers in their specified layout and based on a pre-defined schedule. Carriers don't accept files for all customers, but for employers with over 50 or 100 employees this is a common transmission method and eliminates the need for forms. 

We will always continue to add and support carrier forms in our system and are constantly considering how to further automate the process.


Thanks, looking forward to this feature.

Any update on when EDI feeds are coming?

EDI is rolled out with Anthem through our GA partner Beere & Purves and can be used for new group enrollments through Beere & Purves. We'll soon be rolling out EDI for ongoing changes and new enrollments throughout the year.

We have completed EDI with HealthPartners and are doing final testing. We are continuing to work with other carriers and will announce updates about a broader range of EDI connections as they occur.

I'm glad to see progress, even on a limited basis.

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