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Use of Avatar to help Employees Enroll

From the looks of it, employees just aren't the best at self-service and some form of human contact is always helpful to reassure that you are headed in the right direction and doing the right thing. After all, your user experience is only as good as the person creating the website. 

I was on a site that included an Avatar that was available to answer most of the questions people have when navigating through a difficult website. The Avatar helped me navigate the site and my experience was positive and good.

I could see using that feature for something as complicated as navigating screens to enroll in benefits. The Avatar could tell you what you need to do on that page and what you can expect on the next page. It could also tell you what to do when your finished so you don't think your finished before you really are.

Any change this would be an added feature that would set Enrollease apart from all the other enrollment sites?

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