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Re-usable benefit plan library

The ability to have a library of plans that can be used to 'auto fill' during the setup process.  The plan library could be built by either entering plan information and saving it or adding any existing plan already built in the system to the library.  During setup, any plan in the library could be selected to speed up the building process.  Similar to the Duplicate Plan feature that already exists.

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This would be so helpful!


Absolutely. I have many clients who offer 5+ plans to their employees. Having to re-type plan names, brief summaries / instructions, etc. for each is cumbersome. Having a library of plans that are created at the agency level would definitely be helpful.

This would be extremely helpful for us to be able to build. I know there are plans we can send you to load but that can take time and uses your resources. Why not let us do it?

Related to this request: I would love to have any plan or link added to the Document Library for a client to be available from a drop-down list to add to an individual benefit plan when building the plans.

I find myself wasting a lot of time building the individual plans with links to plan summaries and a few other documents/links, and then adding them all over again to the general document library for the client so that they are all available in one place.

When will this feature be available?

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This would be very helpful.

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I understand that some of this functionality is supposed to come with libraries of plans that are associated with General Agencies that have new partnership agreements with EaseCentral (such as Warner Pacific and LISI in CA). What is the status on these being available, as it was expected this month (Sept 2015).

Kudos to getting this done. Just started setting up a few libraries and the guidance in the Help section is also useful, in particular:

  • Make sure to name your libraries using Geographical area and calendar quarter if you import rates into your library template
  • You can use an existing plan that is already set up for a current client to add to the library (I built 5 plans from scratch before I read that). Now that is a time saver!

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