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New table rate and contribution feature

Certain states have rate tables based on the employee age only.  The spouse premium and child(ren) premium are based on the employee age rather than the spouse age.  In some states, plans further differentiate by having two children tiers - a '1' child tier and a '2+ child tier'.  The rates may vary by tier in such a way that Enrollease would need to allow for entering employee/employer contributions for each tier rather than a consistent employee or employer contribution (i.e. $50 single, $300 family).

The rate table would consist of the following tiers:  ee, ee/sp, ee/1ch, ee/2+ch, family.  There would be a column for each rate tier and a corresponding column for contribution.  This would be a total of 10 columns.  In addition, these tiers would allow for age banded premiums/contributions.  

While this is a busier table than the current structure, it is necessary to accommodate these rate structures.

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